Rolling out .Net 4.6.1 via GPO+

Unfortunately .Net 4.6.1 isn’t being automatically pushed out via Windows Updates to Windows 7 machines meaning we need to find...

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Performance Logs & Alerts Service – Access Denied+

The PLA service relies on the retrieval of several keys, at least one of which will have failed to result...

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Missing windows updates for other products?+

I just want to see “You receive updates: For windows and other products from Microsoft update”. You dreamer. Confused that...

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WSUS client error 800B0001+

Following initial set up of WSUS I immediately hit a update error on the already updated clients, namely WSUS client...

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Yuk! A Microsoft Windows Forms bug+

After lunch, I was fed and watered and ready to cut through some development jobs – so I picked out...

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